I'm Frances, from British Columbia, Canada!

I am addicted to all things beauty related, and by addicted I mean I actually have an unhealthy obsession. But hey, if it makes you happy it can't be that bad, right? I have worked in the cosmetics industry for over 5 years and have always loved it. I enjoy make-up of course, and also skin care and nail art. I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you all, along with my absolute love of makeup. I am extraordinarily pale and it is something I've grown to love about myself. 

I am also an avid animal lover, horses and dogs in particular. I have three dogs! Yes, three. I am the crazy dog lady that is for certain, but my life would not be complete without them. Meet my puppies!

This is Finley (aka Baby Dog), my little Chihuahua X Papillon bundle of joy. Bounding energy and playfulness, and exceptional hearing with those bat ears of his. He is 1 and a half years old, and at under 5 lbs he feels like the biggest dog around with his big brothers to back him up.

Meet Apollo and Sherlock! Brothers (same litter and everything believe it or not). Our furry babies. They are 3 years old and of unknown breeding, weighing about 35 lbs making them great medium sized dogs. Apollo (aka chubchub) may have dwarfism, hence the small legs, but his easygoing and cuddly personality will immediately melt your heart. Sherlock (aka Skerly) loves to run and play and chase things, he is the big brother of our little pack.

Here is me and my other half Kelly with our boys.

While I do not currently own a horse since my beloved partner Bounty passed away a few years ago, horses have always been in my life. This is me, doing what I love.

Now you guys know a little more about me! Feel free to give me a shout with any questions. :)


  1. I am very proud of Frances, she is smart, accomplished in all her interests. All her beauty wrapped in a warm, caring and loving heart.
    I love you so much. I was blessed the day you were born.