Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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As of last Thursday, I officially started physiotherapy! I am excited to finally be making this step forward, but it also makes me realize just how much work I still have to do. Luckily because of the severity of my injury, they got me in very quickly. My surgeon told me I could start walking when I saw him last Monday, which I was SO ecstatic about until I actually tried doing it and nearly fell down had Kelly not been there to catch me. So we quickly got a cane, and I hobbled around for a couple of days with a lot of pain and a LOT of difficulty, and ended up pulling my Achilles tendon.

Luckily I got into physio and my therapist quickly assessed that my body wasn't ready to be walking, and demoted me back to crutches for a few more weeks. Which I was partially happy about as it is much easier for me, but also sad as it felt like a step backwards. She showed me the damage done to my foot through this whole ordeal, which never would have thought of considering my injury was more upper tibia/knee. My muscles in that leg are also completely non-existent! Hence my difficulty in trying to walk.

So I have been doing a ton of small exercises to build up my quad and glut muscles to help me balance the leg, as well as stretching the calf and hamstrings, and working on gaining my full range of motion in the leg which is proving to be the most difficult. I'm still missing a few degrees to get it straight. Also since the tendons and muscles in my foot and ankle have been compromised, I've been doing towel gathering with my toes to strengthen the arch in my foot and drawing an imaginary alphabet in the air with my toes to get mobility in my ankle.

All these things I never thought of with my injury! I was looking very "big-picture" about the whole thing. Assuming the bone would heal while I waited, then when the time was right I would walk. It's all SO much harder than anticipated! At least I am getting somewhere. Gotta stay positive!


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