Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Let's call this an introduction, shall we? I've always been an avid lover of all things beauty related, and my employment in the cosmetic industry over the last 5 years has certainly fed this obsession. I'm no stranger to having a blog, although it was a number of years ago and was certainly not devoted to my love of cosmetics. Instead of restricting myself to one area, I plan on also including my life, my animals, and other random enjoyments of mine into this blog. Because why not, it is my blog after all!

I am currently laying in bed, crutches beside my bed (yes... crutches) nursing a broken leg that required a fairly complicated surgery back in MARCH. So I've been unable to walk for 3 months now, and it's not looking hopeful that I'll be walking in my recent future so I figure, what better time to get this blog going! I can't work, or drive, and spend a large amount of time at home by myself. Might as well take advantage of it I would say.

For those now curious about what happened, I fell off horseback riding in and managed to land alllllll wrong on my leg, it made a horrendous noise, excruciating pain follows and I am rushed to the hospital where I am dosed on heavy painkillers until they got me into surgery the next day. Basically I fractured my fibula, and fractured my Tibial Plateau (top of the tibia, which is the large bone in the lower part of your leg). This fractured 2/3 of my tibial plateau got jammed 2cm INTO the bone (ouch!), hence making my whole break more complicated. I now am the proud owner of a big metal plate, 8 giant screws and a bone graft holding everything into place. Definitely not the easiest injury. It left me in the hospital for 2 weeks, bedridden for a month, barely moving for another month, and now slightly more mobile (hopping around on crutches) finally in June. Fingers crossed for speedy recovery!

I'll leave my introduction here, but expect to hear more soon ;)


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